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We must have often faced a situation where we have been asked by a site before opening our account or do some other works that they ask for a verification code to be entered before one can proceed further with their work. This a very old technique used by sites mainly for security purposes. This method helps the sites to put an end to the spammers and gives a whole new layer of security for the users. The other side of the coin is that this technique is also used by the sites as a way of advertisement and helps in their promotional activities as this is the best and the biggest user administrator interaction ground.

What is bypass of SMS verification??

Bypass of SMS verification means that the process by which one has to enter their mobile numbers to get verification code which can be used to activate their accounts can be surpassed by a simple technique.

Why to bypass SMS verification??

Well, most of the times they are for our security and even when they are used as for advertisement purposes, they do not cause a lot of problems for a person. But sometimes the numbers entered can be hacked and known to hackers who can use it for unwanted purposes and also sometimes the spammers go far ahead by sending spam advertisements to our cellular devices. So these are mainly the reasons one need to bypass the online verification SMS.
How to bypass the SMS verification online??

This question has a simple answer one can easily achieve this by following some simple steps which are shown below and this does not take much of one’s precious time.
Firstly, one has to go to any of below sites

Secondly, one has to choose any one of the number which is available over there.
Then one has to copy that number which we have chosen and paste it over the place where we have been asked for entering the number on which the verification code has to be sent to.
Then it is pretty simple, we just have to come back and click on the chosen number at once and check across the whether any site has sent any verification code for you on that number or not.
Now just enter the code which one has received on the number chosen onto the website where the code has to entered and finish. One has successfully completed by passing SMS verification online.

A word of advice

We should always remember and keep in mind the fact that we should never use these online numbers for any banking purposes or for your e wallet as this can prove to be very dangerous for the user is something goes wrong in the due process. The next thing we would like to say that we should use this technique of SMS by passing only at certain times and not always as this verification process provides a very important security cover for all the users.
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