How To Copy From Right Click Disabled Websites Like Ours

Ctrl c and Ctrl v is most useful key among all other but Always copy paste not apply to all website then frustration came.Now i will try to reduce your frustration Upto 0 %

Mostly website disable the right click using Programming code Written in Javascript language.

Method 1:Copy Paste Using Proxy Site

Open any proxy site which provide the special feature through which they disable the code automatically Now the question came in your mind is what is proxy site ????? It just third party tool which hide IP address and open the website See The Image for One of The Best Proxy site Not Only for copy but it will also open the block site which not open in your college or office like facebook,gmail.

Simply click the Disable JavaScript Button
Now You access your site copy anything which you want from this webiste

Method 2:Copy To Disable Javascript in Your Chrome BrowserSimply open Your Browser and Type This chrome://settings Now Will See the setting panel of browser here you Have to click Content setting
Simply Follow The Image and block javascript

Same Procedure For Mozilla and Explorer

Hurry You have done it.... copy the paste and Cut the Copy ... Tell me you Understand or Not
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