How To Stop Ads on YouTube

This is an article that will definitely guide you to skip and block the advertisements or the ads that appear interrupting the video you are watching on the YouTube.Before we discuss those let us peep through some points regarding YouTube and its advertisements that pop every now and then.

Adds that Appear in Between Video

Just as you watch a variety of adds on your televisions in between news, daily soaps and other programs in the same way various ads that pop in between various videos you watch on the YouTube.
You may not have subscribed for it but it show up every time you attempt to watch anything.So if you do not like these ads and doesn’t want them to pop up every now and then,you must then continue reading.

YouTube offers These type of ads makers and advertisers

Here is the option to display these video adds
Pre-roll,(In the beginning)
post roll(After the video)
mid-roll(Ads even during the middle of the video)

Accordingly these add appears on your screen for a few seconds and you can skip them by clicking on the skip add option, if provided.The standard In stream advertisements can be at a maximum of 15 seconds which includes 20 seconds for the EMEA and the 60 for skippable videos. A max time of 30 seconds is needed for the non-skippable videos to last.

Types of YouTube adsTill now we have learnt what YouTube ads are all about. Now let us learn their basic types.
The first category is InVideo ads which are known to be the ads that you must have seen on the lower portion or the bottom of your video screen. They appear for 15 seconds or so but can be closed by the user if desired.
The next category is of the TrueView ads which appear as the pre or the mid videos. After 5 seconds of this add viewing you get a chance to skip them.
The last category is where you can place your own video or advertisement.

(1) to Stop/block The YouTube AdsYou just need to follow some tips and points that will guide you to get rid of these adds that appear every now and then in your screen while you make up your mind to enjoy some stuff on YouTube.
1)You just need to open the Youtube, whichever you need to watch.
2)The next step is to open up the developer console. This will include ctrl-shift-J for Crome, ctrl-shift-K for the Firefox.
3)Now you just need to enter the following code in the sequence it is.

document.cookie="VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE=oKckVSqvaGw; path=/;";window.location.reload();This will help you to remove all the useful as well as useless ads that used to appear on your screen. Thus follow these points and stop the ads that intervenes your video and enjoy all varieties of videos on the YouTube.

(2) Way to Stop Ad Permanently
Simply download this additional software from Youtubeadblocker
Quick video how to stop Ads

(3) Way using Chrome Apps screwads plus is the best option for chrome user to block ads.Simply install this small extension in chrome and enjoy long video without any ad break. I Hope This will work for you if not then please inform me using comment then i will try to add some new code
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