How To Hide Your Identity From TrueCaller

Truecaller is an application used by millions of people all over the world. There is no need to explain much about this wonderful app because most of you might already know about its functioning and usability.

Truecaller has made reduced more than 50% of unknown callers and made it a real ease to know who is calling you. No doubt that Truecaller works as your helping hand for finding track of person who is calling you from any unknown number but the reality is, if you are looking at someone, there might be someone who would be looking at you via the same source too.

Specially if you are a girl and you dial a wrong number by mistake , you realize it and hang up ! but your number is already flashed on the other end so he might check your number on Truecaller and for your privacy reasons you should know how to Hide Your Identity From TrueCaller. So here in this article I will show you how this can be done in a few simple steps.

Steps to unlist your number from TrueCaller :

Step 1) 
Open link in your browser or simply click Here.Once you open the above mentioned link , you will find a basic form provided officially by Truecaller to Unlist your number from their directory so that it wont be searchable by other users.
For making this more convenient here it is explained in following screenshot.

And that's it !! You have successfully hidden your identity from TrueCaller. Once you register your request to unlist your number from TrueCaller , it will be removed from their database maximum within next 24 hours ( Normally it takes effect within minutes ).

So after you register an Unlist request you may try searching your own number using TrueCaller to make sure that it is successfully removed. After completion of this process , anyone searching your number using TrueCaller will end up with no result !!

Step 2)
 Firstly you will have to fill your Phone Number which you want to remove from TrueCaller's directory. Number should be starting with the country code (For India it is +91)

Step 3) 
Now you need to enter the captcha or verification code displayed aside that field. Finally click on the Unlist button situated below the form and done !!

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