5 Myths About Android Devices And The Reality

There is almost everything in this world which has myths attached to it and technology is no different. Smartphones are not as old as PC’s, cameras and other common gadgets but since their invention they have also got attached to myths.
Here we bring you 5 Myths About Android Devices And The Reality Of These Myths.
  • Myth : More Megapixels Means Better Quality Camera
    Reality : No, high Megapixels does not guarantee high quality images. Megapixels only help when you want to print the images on papers. If you’re looking  for a device that takes high quality images, then look for aperture size and sensor rather than MP count.
  • Myth The more the battery capacity the more the battery life
    Reality More battery capacity does mean more battery life but not always. We will explain this with an example. The Asus Zenfone 2’s battery is of 3000 mAH and lasts for less than a day but Micromax Yu Yureka has a battery of 2500 mAH and it lasts for one and a half day. The reason for this is bad apps, Wi-Fi on all the time, background apps etc.
  • Myth The more the cores the better is the performance of the device.
    Reality This myth is incorrect as the performance is also measured by other factors such as multireading support for apps, processor architecture etc. We will explain this with the help of an example. Any smartphone with Qualcomm Quad-core processor will always perform better than a smartphone with Mediatek Octa-Core processor at high-end because of processor architecture.
  • Myth Bluetooth Turned On, Live Wallpapers And Automatic Brightness Kill Battery Life.
    Reality These features when turned on do use battery but they do not kill it. According to various tests, the total amount of battery used by these features is 2%!
  • Myth All the data in your device will be erased if you’ve placed your device near magnet.
    Reality : The storage devices used in smartphones are of SSD ( Solid State Drive) Type and not of magnetic hard drives so all the data in your smartphone is safe as your smartphone is immune to magnets.

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