Despite Bugs, 5 Reasons Why Windows 10 Still Tops The Table

Windows 10 is created from the robust features of Windows 7 & 8.1. Surprisingly, it got 65 million users in the first three days of its launch which is surely a big achievement.
Although Win 10 got many bugs and issues that must be adjusted to make it more successful it still performs to be the best Windows ever released by any company.
I will be giving you some hot reasons for this, don’t worry.
 Single Operating System For All Devices: Windows 10
Windows 10 excellently works on all of your devices single highhandedly and with easy navigation ranging from your Personal Computer, Laptops, Smart Phones, Tablets etc ..
This feature gives Microsoft a big advantage against other OS giants like Apple whose OS works different for different devices.
 Cortana – Your Own Personal Assistant
Cortana is yet another entertaining, useful and unique feature of Windows 10. Cortana is your personal secretary who has advice for your upcoming works and projects.
She can give suggest you points and she also manages your schedule, appointments and daily to do list.


Don’t freak out, she just looks like a monster, she ain’t one ;).
At this time Cortana is available only for some countries like US, Germany, UK, Italy, China, France, Spain and some others but Microsoft has assured that they will be sending her to more countries of world with time to time.
 Virtual Desktops – Split View For Multitasking
Multitasking with Windows 10 becomes more smooth and interesting with features like snap assist, task view where you can setup as many desktops as you want and use them being yourself the boss.
Microsoft first introduced Aero Snap win Windows 7 with which one can split a desktop into two and continue his or her work with more ease and pleasure.
This app became the most popular one with a launch in Windows 10 now.
Moreover, in Windows 10 some new hotkeys and keyboard shot cuts also come with trackbacks altogether.

DirectX 12: Gamers Reason Of Love With Windows 10

Without any doubts this DirectX 12 launch in Windows 10 has made the Gamers too much excited as they will be able to play Games with more features and with more ease.
This feature is one of my favorite too as I am also a hard core gamer, wanna play sometime, maybe? ??
There are not many games yet that run with DirectX 12 yet but graphic companies like Nvidia etc have already introduced new features that will require DirectX 12.
Some more thrilling features in Windows 10 specially for Gamers include:
  • Ability to stream Xbox One games on your PC.
  • Built in DVR function for recording audio with video.
  • Dedicated gaming store.

Microsoft Edge – Evolutionary Browser

BIG NEWS! Finally you are getting rid of that old fuss Internet Explorer. Yup this is an amazing news as Microsoft has already announced there newly built Microsoft Edge.
Microsoft Edge is surely a revolution in Browser’s history as Internet Explorer was the oldest and laziest of the browsers.
The internet users are too excited with this pre launch as they will not have to worry for downloading or finding other good browser every time they refresh their Operating Systems.

Two Step Support & Bio-metric Authentication System

Security steps in Windows 10 have been taken seriously. Windows 10 is expected to be too hard to breach with its new two step support and bio metric authentication system.
With Windows Hello, you’ll be able to just show your face, or touch your finger, to new devices running Windows 10 and be immediately recognized,” says Microsoft. “And not only is Windows Hello more convenient than typing a password—it’s more secure!
However, you may not be able to use its face recognition system yet because it requires a special RealSense 3D camera which most of the current devices in market don’t support.
Therefore you will have to wait for the new Windows 10 Personal Computer to use this new difficult to breach security system.

Signing Off!

I provided you the reasons why Windows 10 looks to be the best Windows released ever and I loved the DirectX 12 launch in this Windows as I am a gamer too.
I will be waiting for your responses over Windows 10, also grab its free copy from Here

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