Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Switch To Linux

Why You Should Switch To LinuxThe Windows family operating system is the most popular operating system among others. Even through other operating system (e.g. OS X, Linux) are undoubtedly used by users. Windows PCs are used as daily workflow.
Linux is still regarded as another best OS that is mostly used by developers, hacker, geeks and others. Also, Linux has dominated in servers and mainframes computer. In this article, I am going to explain why you should switch to Linux OS?

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Switch To Linux?

1. Free and Open-source

Windows is not free. You’ll have to spend some bucks to upgrade or buy Windows OS.
Whereas Linux is completely free and open-sourced. If you choose Linux over Windows 10, you save at least hundred bucks.
2. Compatible with Lower End Hardware
Yes, Linux can run on older computers with minimum hardware requirements. Windows 7, 8 and 10 minimum requires at least 1GB of RAM. Running Windows 7/8/10 on minimum hardware configuration will be really painful experience. But Linux will smoothly operate on lower end hardware.

3. More Secure, No need of antivirus

In Windows, we can’t live without an antivirus. Also, with the antivirus product, your PC is still at risk of catching virus.
But Linux has no need of an antivirus. Linux is known for its security features. So you don’t need to buy an antivirus.
4. Availability of all Popular Software Applications
Yes it’ true that the availability of software program for Linux is less than Windows, but all the popular software (e.g.  Web browsers, media software, image editors, IM clients) are now available for Linux.
And most important thing, you can use the “Wine” compatibility layer software to run Windows programs on Linux.

5. Lots of Distributions available

Thanks to its open-source nature and wide community support, there are now a lot of varied distributions (often called distros and flavours) available for Linux.
You can download and use any of them that meets your usage requirements. Some most popular and well known Linux distros are Linux Mint and Ubuntu.
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